Jacob - Ashlee - Kylee - Justin

Jacob - Ashlee - Kylee - Justin

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I shoe do love you

Justin and I love coming by the station whenever Spencer is working. But as firemen do, when the call comes in... they rush out. They don't wear their boots around the station, so in the few seconds they have to jump on the truck, they leave their other shoes next to the truck and put their boots on along the way. I thought it was funny to see pairs of shoes laying there in the empty warehouse. But before we left, I had to put a couple of love notes in his shoes. We sure do love him and are so proud of the work he does to help others.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February Hearts

Well it took me forever to publish that last post, but the pictures were just too cute not to.
I'm really bad at keeping up with blogging. I've actually been creating notes on Facebook because most of my pictures are already loaded on there but I will try to keep up with this from now on.
First of all, we ended up naming our baby Justin Spencer Inman. I like to call him Baby J.

There's no way to catch up on the last 8 months (I can't believe he is that old already) so I will just keep going from here.

Here is our latest family picture

Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fools

Some people called Spencer and I fools for how quickly we fell in love and got married, but for both of us, it was like a dream coming true.
Spencer and I actually have known each other for 12, going on 13 years when we first met at our best friends' wedding. I was a bridesmaid and he was a groomsman. We grew up a mere 4 miles from each other and we later learned that our paths had crossed more than a few times. It was bound to happen that we would meet up again, and when we did... sparks flew and there was no keeping us apart.
So here's the 411, we actually had our first date on 4-11-09. He held my hand, put his arm around me in the parking lot and pulled me close in the movie theater. Already I was thinking, "Who the heck does he think he is?" But I liked it, so I let him :) But what really caught my attention, was that he seemed to be in tune with me and he paid attention to me. He got knuckles and a nice long hug from me and the end of the night, but I couldn't resist his charm for too long. We made plans to go out again Friday the next weekend, but after a few hours of lengthy emails over the weekend, by Monday morning we just had to see each other again. After this date, he showed off his real man skills. My car was covered in grasshoppers! He drove my car around the parking lot trying to get them to hop off, but he ended up having to shoo the rest with his hands. He thought for sure this would win him a kiss -at least on the cheek. I honestly had to use all my strength to just hop in my car after giving him another long hug. This was not easy to stay away from him. I was already falling in love with this big strong fireman. By date 3 we couldn't pull ourselves away from each other... or our lips! The next night I saw him at the fire station and got to go on a ride-a-long. Thursday he drove up to my house on his motorcycle and we took my dog on a walk. By Friday he told me he loved me, and on Sunday he came over for dinner and met my parents. I was feeling sick the next night and he picked me up and carried me out to my house. The next Thursday he brought me flowers to my work and then I met his kids Jacob, Ashlee, and Kylee. Spencer and the kids came over to my parent's house on Tuesday and little did I know that while I was asking the kids for their blessing, Spencer was asking my dad for permission to marry me. Wed 4-29 he AND the kids proposed to me and three and a half weeks later Spencer and I were married on May 23, 2009. Hap happ happiest day of my life until... 4 months later on Sept. 24, 2009 I got a funny feeling in my stomach that didn't go away and continued to grow stronger and bigger for the next 9 months.

Our Little Boy

Here are the first mug shots of my little man. EVERYONE says he looks like his dad already. I love it!

We're still deciding on a name for him but so far we like Tate Spencer Inman. I already call him my little Tater Tot.

I have loved every minute of being pregnant with this little guy. Even when my head was stuck in the toilet, I knew that just meant he was healthy.